Facial Glow Elixir
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Facial Glow Elixir

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Through its new life-changing appearance, Stushi's premium skincare range reveals Stushi's Facial Glow Elixir. One drop of Stushi's Glow Facial Elixir delivers the rich vitamins and nutrients; your skin needs to look and feel healthier than ever. Made from the purest ingredients, this deep-hydrating skin oil soothes, nurtures, and heals faster than any other moisturizer.

This NEW Stushi Facial Glow Elixir improve the appearance of the skin, making it plumper-looking and more glowing and leaves skin feeling softer, more supple and comfortable.

Why will it surely prove to be a smooth addition to your skincare routine?
  • Reduces wrinkles and Brighten skin in 4 weeks
  • Skin texture looks firmer, denser and Brighten,
  • Give a radiant and smooth skin
  • Acts at night, when the skin’s ability to repair itself at peaks
  • Bring about a luminous complexion
  • All skin types

This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy. In Stushi, Rare pure Saffron and White Lotus help illuminate the complexion. Extracts of hibiscus flower and Banyan tree help smooth fine lines and repair early signs of aging. Rose, Vetiver, and Lotus have a cooling and cleansing effect while clearing blemishes. Mustard oil, Marigold Flower, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections and also helps improve skin texture. An essential night beauty treatment.
How to Boost its Efficiency 

1) After cleansing, dampen your skin with Pure Rose/Mogra/Lavender/Vetiver water. Apply to the face using light pressures for a soothing and comforting sensation. 
2) Secondly, spread the oil across the forehead, cheeks and chin in long gliding strokes, working from the centre to the outside of the face to help massage. 
3) Allow it to work overnight for best results. For nightly use only and should not be applied during the daytime.

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